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What are your neighbors, leaders, and community saying about Shelley?

I am so impressed with Shelley Gwartney. She started a video recap of the PTA meeting at Peters to keep everyone informed. This was presented in a way that all patrons knew what was going on at Peters. She is transparent; In the videos, she includes the financial records of the PTA. Transparency and good record keeping is a vital responsibility for a School Board Member.
The patrons of Union Zone 2 would be represented well by voting for Shelley Gwartney. She will spend the time to listen, find a solution and be transparent in all that she does. She is organized, she has children attending Union Schools, she is detailed oriented, and is passionate about our students, parents and teachers. I fully endorse Shelley for Zone 2 Union School Board.

Lisa Ford
Previous  Zone 2 Board Member
B.A. City Councilor- Ward 2

As your neighbor and State Senator, I've been fighting for Union Public Schools' families at the Capitol for over 5 years. Standing up for our rights and pushing for educational excellence is a team effort and we need Shelley Gwartney on that team. She is an energetic Conservative and visionary leader who both listens and takes charge and will be a strong voice on the Union School Board of Education. Join me in voting for Shelley Gwartney!

Senator Joe Newhouse
Oklahoma District 25

Shelley is always open to a challenge, and consequently has developed a broad range of skills. While she is a thoughtful and kind person, she is also firm in her convictions. She is able to communicate her opinions without being offensive to the views of others. Shelley Gwartney has deep-rooted values that would be used for the benefit of all Union students, parents and teachers. In my opinion, Shelley’s willingness to listen and process information, combined with her high standards would make her an excellent addition to the Union Board of Education.

Vicki Freeman
Broken Arrow Resident

I’ve never met a woman with more organizational skills. i.e.schooling and activities for her 4 children; foster parenting towards a forever family; foreign exchange students; Community Group hostess and teaching; making holidays meaningful and beautiful; giving gifts with meaning and depth; women’s ministries at church to name a few.
She has a heart as big as Dallas to help in causes in which she believes. In many, many areas, she has a depth and understanding beyond her years. I’m confident she would research, develop a solution, and speak up boldly and with confidence to honestly share her perspective on whatever task is at hand.

Betsy Catrett
OK Supreme Court Mediator

Shelley will be an amazing asset to the Union School Board! She is dedicated and very active in the schools. She has kids in the school district and will make great decisions for all Union students, staff, and community. As the Treasurer of Peter’s PTA, she has worked so hard to build bridges and promote transparency to build a trusting and hopeful environment for the teachers, students, and staff. She is a true leader and brings people together. She is a class act and I am proud to serve with her through our PTA connection!

Kasey Magness
Union PTA Council Vice-President

Shelley Gwartney is the right person for board of Union Public Schools because she is driven by a dedication for the students and a conviction to protect the freedoms and values we hold dear in Oklahoma. As a mother of 4 Union students and with a thriving career, she will bring a much-needed perspective on how to lead Union to the best outcomes for the children and the community.

Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma Governor

I have know Shelley Gwartney for 7 years and watched her plan and organize women's meeting to inspire and encourage young mothers in the community. She has been gifted with leadership and organizational skills. Shelley has a love for her children and the children of others to watch over them and make sure they are getting the best education and to protect their rights and the rights of the parents. She will be a great asset to the Union Board of Education and I thoroughly endorse her candidacy.

Ginny Hathorn
Small Group Leader

I really appreciate how transparent Shelley is. Communication is a priority to her. She takes problems and spins them to find the positive things about it to help her work through it. She always finds solutions! She educates herself so she can succeed at what she's doing. She gets things done! She's a great team player and is always looking towards the next goal. She cares passionately about making sure parents can connect to their child's school.

Becky Hinkle
Peters PTA President

Shelley and I worked together on a mother's group at church and let me tell you, the girl is organized! She is the best person to get any job completed. She preservers through challenges and was always an advocate of hearing all sides before making a decision that involved our group. She kept a positive attitude and made everyone comfortable to speak up. She would be an incredible asset to the Union Board of Education!

Shelley began working for my companies in early 2021. Very quickly it became evident that in many ways she is one of the best team members I have ever had the honor to work with. She has proven to be very intelligent, highly organized, excellent at problem-solving through creative solutions, and hard working. Due to these outstanding attributes, I’ve been attempting to recruit her to become the Chief Executive Officer of one of my companies. After working with her for some time now it is my view that Shelley shares the same philosophies and ideals that would best represent my family’s interests and rights within the school system. As a resident and business owner within the Union School District, I trust and fully support Shelley Gwartney, for a seat on the Union School Board.

Cody Koch
Owner, Koch & Co LLC, DJ Exports

Shelley is running to put  power back in the hands of parents. Her heart is for empowering parents to make the best decisions for their children. She is a great listener and a honest friend. She works diligently to stay educated on all aspects of her children's education. She is an active PTA  chairperson and volunteers regularly. I trust that she would be an invaluable asset to the Union School Board! A vote for Shelley is a vote for increased accountability and communication. A vote for Shelley is a wise investment for Union!

Senator Nathan Dahm
Oklahoma District 33

Shelley is the most hard working, dedicated, determined, and self motivated person I know. When asked to execute the task at hand she always gives 110% to ensure the project is done right and to the best of her ability. With this determination comes a massive heart and love for children. She is the best mother I know. She is raising four beautiful children and wants only the best for them. With this combination I feel she would be a wonderful asset to the Union school board. She has a lot of fresh new ideas and will help to have every parents voice heard.

Krystle Cheatham
Personal Friend

Endorsed by:

Former Zone 2 Union Board of Education member- Lisa Ford
Broken Arrow Mayor, Debra Wimpee
Broken Arrow Vice Mayor, Christi Gillespie
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
OK Senator Nathan Dahm, District 33
OK Senator Joe Newhouse, District 25
OK Representative Ross Ford , District 76
Molly Mooberry, Board of Education- Tulsa Classical Academy
Dr. Jerry Griffin- Board of Education- Tulsa Public Schools
Debbie Taylor - Board of Education- Broken Arrow Public Schools
Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights - OKHPR
National Women's Prayer & Voting Army - NWPVA
OCPAC School Boards 4 Kids
City Elders
Tulsa GOP
Tulsa Parents Voice
The Tulsa Beacon,
Gilead Counseling Center
                            to name a few ;)