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Welcome to our family!

The Gwartneys have been residents of Stone Mill for 10 years and have three children that attend Peters Elementary and one at the 8th grade center. The kids are involved in many extra curricular activities through Union such as Academic Team, Student Council, Volleyball, Pom, Basketball, TV Crew, and the Robotics Team.

Lynden and Shelley have been married since February 2005 and have lived on both coasts when Lynden was serving in the Marine Corps. They moved back home to Oklahoma to raise a family near their families. They have fostered 13 children through their time with OKDHS. They have also been host parents to four foreign exchange students, with one experiencing his Senior year at Union High School.  Shelley served as a substitute teacher at Peters Elementary and Union High School during the Pandemic to help keep kids in school.

Lynden and Shelley have been active members at BattleCreek Church for 13 years and have lead community groups for most of that time. Shelley  currently works as a Creative Director, using her organizational skills to keep things flowing and growing in the right direction. Her previous work follows the same vein of going into a facility, observing and taking stock of the current production and then developing a plan to increase productivity, streamline work flow, and improve efficiency. This work is extremely rewarding and thankfully, provides a very flexible work schedule so she doesn't have to choose between her kids, work, and Union responsibilities.

Her skills prove useful in every environment she's in. And she's excited to use them to benefit the Union Public School District while offering an open ear to any parent, whether Zone 2 or not, to dialogue about any concerns they have.
Your vote will be appreciated and not taken lightly!

PTA, management

     Shelley is an Union alumna who currently serves on Peters PTA as Treasurer and on multiple committees. She took a damaged and disorganized PTA and helped organize the huge undertaking of going through 15 years of financial and secretarial books to get things organized and up to Union, State, and Federal requirements.
     Since her involvement with this PTA, numbers have improved across the board- memberships have tripled, sales more than doubled, and morale and participation is back on track!
     Her mission was to restore trust, communication, engagement, and transparency with the parents and community of Peters.
     Shelley also serves on the Union PTA Council as the Chairman for multiple committees.

Team, management

As a Field Supervisor for the 2020 Census, Shelley managed a team of 40 enumerators for the Tulsa area. Problem solving, coaching, and encouraging her team were daily tasks. A high level of decorum and compassion was needed to earn the trust of the community. Exact record keeping and making sure all team members were operating within the legal requirements of the work was paramount.

Youth, coaching

Shelley coached Varsity Cheer at a private collegiate high school in Tulsa for two years and loved every minute of working with those girls! She took a lack luster Cheer program and revitalized it, breaking previous records of participation in the previous decade. She organized Pep Rallies and fundraisers.

Team, management

Shelley helped create and then ran the moms ministry at BattleCreek Church. She managed a team of 12 who ministered to hundreds of women each month. From booking speakers to writing the discussion questions, Shelley had a hand in each part of the operation.

Service, community

Shelley served on the "Clean Slate" project through BattleCreek Church which provided handy-man and design services for people who needed some outside support. Once on a residential property and once as a Project Lead for TPS's Wright Elementary.

Business, management

Shelley currently works at Koch & Company/DJ Exports in Broken Arrow as their Creative Director and Business Consultant. She manages the flow of the warehouse and designs product photo shoots and videos for all new inventory. She consults on all business acquisitions as well as the day to day operations. She loves that her work gives her a creative outlet and provides many opportunities to problem solve and create effective systems. It also offers a very flexible schedule so she can always prioritize her family and commitments!


We don't fight past discrimination with current discrimination/racism/sexism. HB 1775 makes the teaching of such philosophies illegal. Shame based teaching has no place in our classrooms. We can teach the accurate horrors of history without equating it to the current student's race/sex. This bill also states that no student shall be required to participate in sexual diversity training/counseling.

View it here:


Teachers have always been an important part of teaching social/emotional life skills to our kiddos. That part of SEL should be protected. The parts that should be questioned are the overreaching, questionable  activities that go beyond personal responsibility and character traits. The questionable SEL content may show up as surveys given without parental consent, which ask the child extremely personal and introspective questions that can be sexual in nature. The reason for these surveys may be labeled as 'mental health' and the data stored for reasons unbeknownst or released to parents.

Union's current SEL program:


Personal freedom and liberty are worth protecting! While an unprecedented situation may require uncomfortable and expensive measures, all options need to be considered before demanding all citizens comply with one way of thinking. SB658 requires that ALL mask exemptions be honored and requires the School Board to vote on every mandate change.

Explicit Books

We ban certain websites from our kids being able to access at school, but yet they have access to similar materials in the libraries. Parents should be having the important conversations about sex and consent in the home...students should not be reading about it in books at school. Also kids who have experienced sexual trauma need to be protected from material that would trigger a trauma memory.

Find out what's in your library here:


"From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, even more will be expected." Luke 12:48b